Thursday, August 2, 2012

olympics, juju, and lisa frank

ok, first is first:
 The Olympics
everyone knows it, happens every four years, people compete, basically The Hunger Games, blah blah blah. 
Well this year the ones I have been keeping track of the most is the Women Gymnast, in other words The Fab Five: 
these girls have seriously blown my mind, they are so young yet so good! I can definitely say I was so happy to see them win gold. 
Another sport I'm up to date with, so to say, is swimming. Phelps is a crowd favorite, with being the "most decorative Olympian of all time", that's pretty darn amazing. 
but beside keeping track of this guy another guy thats been on the watch is our very own Gator, Ryan Lotche:
(oh hey)

ANYWAY enough with all this let's talk Juju and Lisa Frank. 
Juju is my 5 year old cousin who is visiting from North Carolina. He doesn't stop talking and has the best laugh. He comes down twice a year and it's always so much fun with him. He is staying a couple days with us and we are taking him to build a bear (mostly for me but well you know).
And well Lisa Frank is a girls sticker my description is gold of her. anyway when I was younger I used to have Lisa Frank everything and it was eventually discontinued and last night I found out that they had an app! we went crazy.


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