Friday, February 1, 2013

been a while.

oops sorry friends i get so caught up in everything i have to do i forget to breathe and write sometimes.

this year is going by so fast, i can't believe it's already february. most importantly i can't believe it's 2013. i feel like this is what most of my posts have been about but well..this is what my life is concentrating on!

so here is a list of things that will be happening in this new year:

  • Seeing Taylor Swift with two really great friends in April
  • My second and final year of competing in Congres in March
  • Starting COLLEGE (!!!) in August
  • Moving to a new city
  • Going to p.r.o.m.
so that doesn't seem like a lot but i'm sure other things will come up along the way.

i am also going to post some things i have been loving lately, because well..why not:

and a bunch of other stuff i don't have pictures for. till next time!


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