Wednesday, June 18, 2014


i'm sorry if my blog tends to get repetitive at times.. i seem to be in a state of nostalgia.

This week my youth group from high school is at camp, and this is the first year where I am not in attendance. It is a strange feeling to be independent.. i've always been an independent child but now I truly am. I move into my first apartment in 9 days (!!!) and I will be starting my sophomore year of college in just a short 2 months.. So much has happened in a year, I didn't even have a glimpse at all the Lord had in store for me but boy oh boy is it amazing. The people and community He has led me to, the town, the experiences.. it's all been more than I could ever imagine. The biggest thing I've realized is my relationship with Him and how much it has grown in just a short year. I can't help but sit back and be amazed.

What an ever loving, ever knowing God, friends. I am so in love with Him.

If all of this has happened in an year, I can't even begin to imagine what the next year has in store for me.

Stay tuned, friends.



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